Massage Therapies

Cape May Day Spa- Massage Therapy

Bamboo Massage

Deep after/before fitness treatment.

An exotic massage treatment involving the use of customized heated bamboo sticks designed for relaxation and intense manipulation of stressed muscles.
50 min ~ $145

Stone Massage

Soothing and balancing.

This therapy employs a technique that uses smooth, heated volcanic stones that are incorporated into a relaxing massage to melt away knots, tension and stress.
50 min ~ $135, 80 min ~ $185

Classic Swedish

Gentle and relaxing.

Swedish style and energy-producing techniques are used to release tension and stress, detoxify and stimulate circulation.
50 min ~ $105, 80 min ~ $155

Sports/Deep Tissue

Deeply therapeutic before & after fitness.

A moderate-to-deep tissue massage designed to increase flexibility, relieve soreness, and speed muscle recovery resulting from over-exertion or intense exercise.
50 min ~ $130

Prenatal Massage

Pre- and post natal nurturing experience.

Prenatal Massage aids in relaxation and tension release to improve the physical state of a mother-to-be and assist in balancing emotions.
50 min ~ $115 (not provided in first trimester)


Stimulating and stretching.

An Eastern modality using pressure points stimulation along energy meridians throughout the body by gentle stretching and finger pressure. Loose clothing recommended.
50 min ~ $135, 80 min ~ $185

Thai Yoga

Balancing experience.

Facilitates and promotes a harmonious state of being. The massage incorporates elements of mindfulness, gentle rocking, deep stretching and rhythmic compression to create a singular healing experience. Loose clothing recommended.
50 min ~ $135, 80 min. ~ $185

Tension Tamer

Scalp, neck and back massage. Best of the massage world is encapsulated in this upper-body treatment that focuses on the most common tension areas.
50 min ~ $130; in combination with foot or hand Reflexology 80 min~ $180

Scalp Massage

A deeply relaxing treatment, our scalp massage aids in keeping the scalp healthy and the hair lustrous by stimulating blood and lymph flow, promoting relaxation and soothing the nerves.
20 min ~ $55; in combination with foot or hand Reflexology 50 min~ $110

Boost your massage treatment experience and add any of the following enhancements:


The ancient art of stimulating pressure points on the feet to energize specific body parts and systems. Promotes circulation and speeds up the elimination of toxins to create a sense of relaxation and well-being.
Feet or Hands 20 min ~ $55

Warm Lavender Hand or Foot Wrap

Hydrate dry, chapped hands and/or feet with this liquid body balm of lavender paraffin. This potent blend of age-defying ingredients and antioxidants helps to stimulate cell repair while softening the skin.
Feet or Hands 20 min ~ $55

Leg and Foot Reviver

Put a spring in your step with an invigorating leg and foot scrub followed by a tension-relieving massage to revive tired, sore muscles.
20 min ~ $50

Your choice of our Hydro Therapies

Deep Soak Seawater Bath ~ $55; Deep Soak Algae Bath ~ $55; Relaxing Whirlpool or Steam ~ $50