Facial Therapies


Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial

head-to-toe experience with instant results

The focus of this experience is facial-skin refinement, nourishment and regeneration. This customized Anti-Aging Facial is enhanced with an advanced peel to boost skin exfoliation and a firming masque.  It also incorporates eye, lip, décolleté and hand treatment, a perfect combination for restoring balance, youthful texture and radiance of the skin. Includes extractions if applicable. 80 min ~ $200

Stone Facial

therapeutic facial

This deeply relaxing Anti-Aging Facial stimulates micro-circulation and lymph-drainage through the use of hot and cold stones. Does not include extractions. 50 min. ~ $130


Classic European Facial

Experience this customized luxurious facial that will address your needs for natural cleansing, exfoliation, toning actions and re-hydration. This relaxing treatment helps to promote a healthy and balanced appearance. Does not include extractions. 50 min. ~ $110


Balancing Facial

restoring skin’s natural balance

This customized facial treatment brings a multi-faceted approach to treating irritation and helps to clear the skin without dehydrating effects.  With a special focus on skin exfoliation, extractions and redness reduction, the skin’s appearance will improve, helping to correct as well as prevent future blemishes. 50 min.~ $130


Classic Gentlemen’s Facial

customized traditional facial

This European facial is specifically designed to treat a man’s special skin needs. It helps to soothe irritated skin caused by daily shaving and exposure to external aggressions. It will leave skin refreshed, energized and revitalized. Does not include extractions. 50 min.~ $110


Boost your facial treatment experience and add any of the following enhancements:


Soothing Eye and Lip Enhancement

Soothes and reduces puffiness of the eye contour area, smoothes wrinkles and leaves the lips appearing plump and supple. $30


Nourishing Hand Treatment

An application of gentle exfoliant and nourishing masque increases firmness and elasticity of the skin, leaving your hands brightened and silky smooth.  $30


Warm Lavender Hand or Foot Wrap

Hydrate dry, chapped hands and/or feet with this liquid body balm of lavender paraffin. This potent blend of age-defying ingredients and antioxidants helps to stimulates cell repair while softening the skin.  . Hands OR Feet $25, Both $40


Vitamin C Peel

This peel visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles while effectively bringing radiance to the skin, reducing sun damage, lessening irritation, and soothing redness. Recommended for all skin types. Add on to  a facial ~ $30.


Tri-Acid Peel and Post-Treatment

We are taking the exfoliating power to a new level by an application of a potent combination of alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, revealing “new skin.” This technique makes it possible to brighten the complexion and tighten enlarged pores. It also helps to erase dark spots, reduce fine lines and eliminate rough areas. Great for primarily mature skin. Add on to a facial ~ $45